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 Theology of Work Project helps Christians across the globe connect the Bible and their everyday work.

Quarterly Report, 2018 Q1

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New: Jesus and Your Job Video Series

What do engineers pray for? How do finance professionals bring faith to their work? Do Christians in food service see work as a calling? In this video series, Sean McDonough explores the New Testament precedents for modern industries and asks working Christians “What does Jesus have to do with your job?” The series is available for free here.

​Devotional Reading Plan Now Available in Spanish

One of our most popular devotional reading plans, God’s Good Idea: Work, is now available in Spanish. Read La beuna idea de Dios: el trabajo for free

Thanks to our partner Proyecto Nehemias for translating this plan. Proyecto Nehemías is non-profit Christian ministry that produces professional, high-quality Spanish-language versions of the English-language content of other Christian ministries and publishers. Find out more at

​Soul Purpose: Making a Difference in Life and Work

Grounded in God’s call to us in Scripture, this book will help you explore God’s purposes for your life’s work. Soul Purpose includes a workbook that will help you unpack and tell your unique story. You’ll look at your personality, knowledge, talents, skills, spiritual gifts, and finally, your values, desires and passions. Read Soul Purpose for free

Just Decisions: Making Right Choices at Work

This book is all about making decisions that are consistent with our Christian faith – especially in the workplace. In Just Decisions, a case study will help you look at the three most common approaches among Christians for making moral choices. You will consider what the Bible has to say about each of these approaches. Then, you’ll explore combining the three to gain a balanced and integrated approach to decision-making. Read Just Decisions for free.


The Theology of Work Project is a non-profit organization. Every resource we offer is made possible through the financial support of people like you. With your gift of any size, you’ll enable us to continue equipping Christians to connect to God’s purposes for work. 
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Quarterly Report, 2017 Q4

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You're Making an Impact!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our matching gift challenge! We met 100% of our $100,000 goal! Thanks to your generosity, we were able to meet all our needs in 2017. In 2017, you helped us:

Thank you for being a part of this movement of God in the world of work. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers and charitable giving in 2018 as we continue to equip Christians to connect to God's purposes for work.

Kids and Chores

Getting kids to do chores is enough to test any parent’s faith. If you’re fighting with your child over mess, then this plan is for both of you. Each day starts with a kid-friendly story of a parent and child chore negotiation. Read it with your son or daughter to learn biblical ways to approach the subject of chores together. Start reading for free now or see our full series of plans for kids and parents here

When People Fail You At Work

You’ve put in your all, only to see a project fail because of others. It’s tempting to blame them and turn your back completely. But that won’t help you succeed, and it can hurt you spiritually. The book of Nehemiah offers a way to move forward when other people fail you. This plan contains practical suggestions and spiritual encouragement so you can keep working with excellence in spite of failure. Start reading for free now.

Tension at Work

The tensions that arise between people at work can break important relationships, hurt your career, and ruin your ability to share your Christian faith with coworkers. This plan uses Esther’s example to teach you a healthy approach to addressing workplace conflict and even turn it into an influence booster. Start reading for free now

New Korean Translation of the Theology of Work Bible Commentary

Our partners at Grace and Mercy have just released a new translation of the Theology of Work Bible Commentary in Korean! We’re thankful for their ongoing work. The updated translation is available in print (for purchase) or online for free at

Quarterly Report, 2017 Q3

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Join Us In Celebrating Our 10-Year Anniversary & Invest In The Next 10 With A Special Matching Gift 

The Theology of Work Project is celebrating 10 years of helping Christians connect faith and everyday work!

In the last ten years, we’ve:​

  • Worked with over 130 working Christians, pastors and scholars to publish the Theology of Work Bible Commentary online for free in its entirety
  • Served over 3 million readers in over 200 countries through our online resources and devotional reading plans
  • Provided training for over 100 pastors and seminary faculty, in partnership with the Made to Flourish pastor’s network and Oikonomia Network 

And we’re just getting started! Your donation today will help us:

  • Improve our information technology to meet the demand that increased traffic has placed on our website
  • Make our materials accessible in additional languages. (The TOW Bible Commentary is currently available in English and Korean. We’re expanding our offerings to include Chinese, Spanish and more!)
  • Develop, test and distribute small group curriculum and devotional plans

You can be part of a movement to empower Christians to bring glory to God in everyday work!

For a limited time only – through 2017 - a generous donor is matching every dollar you give, up to $100,000. We are at 65% of this goal! $35 becomes $70. $500 becomes $1,000. Don’t miss this chance to double your impact! Click to learn how to donate today.

The Theology of Work Project is a non-profit organization.

New Devotional Reading Plan: Jesus' Love at Work

The demands, pressures and stress of work can put a huge strain on relationships with our coworkers. This plan provides simple steps you can take to be more loving to your coworkers that will transform those relationships and increase both joy and productivity at work. Produced in partnership with Workmatters. Find it for free here.

New (& Free) For Kids & Parents Struggling with School

Hope When School is Hard. Your kid said, “I hate school” or “I’m no good at math.” You need God’s help. Read this plan together, or listen to it in the car on the way to school. You’ll hear Jesus’ words driven home through the story of one kid’s struggle with school. Suggested activities each day help parents and kids connect to hope together. Find it for free here.

Help When a Kid Hates a Teacher. A teacher can make a kid’s day, or break a kid’s spirit. If your child doesn’t get along with a teacher, read this plan together, or listen on the way to school. The Bible offers practical advice to help a kid who’s struggling with authority. That includes praying for teachers, learning to speak with respect, and looking for ways to help out. Find it for free here.

Quarterly Report, 2017 Q2

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New Resources for Sunday Worship Services

​​“For years, I struggled to find creative ideas for connecting work and worship. This is the most comprehensive collection available anywhere. I didn’t know where to point pastors and worship leaders previously. Now, I do.” – Reverend Alistair Mackenzie

Pastors and worship leaders now have a go-to collection for Sunday morning worship resources. We’ve added over 200 new items to help you help churchgoers connect worship with their workweek. There are sermons, sample services, biblical readings and quotes. For leaders in a hurry, we have “quick pick” lists of prayers, hymns, and contemporary songs. Visit Worship Resources page to check it out!

Devotionals for Working Women

“As a newly qualified female surgeon, who just started a practice (along with my journey in Christ), I found the plan to be supportive…[It] encouraged me in using my gift as a blessing to others. As a result, I am contemplating a project of my own to help other women.” – Neo Mabe, reader, “Created and Called: Women in the Workplace”

Working women wrestle with a number of challenges, from obstacles to leadership and dealing with discrimination, to managing family life and establishing healthy rhythms of work and rest. What biblical wisdom can women draw from to meet today’s workplace challenges? Check out our latest, new 7-day devotional for women, Overcoming the Challenges of Working Women, available right from your phone with the YouVersion Bible App.

And if you missed it previously, check out our 6-day devotional for women Created and Called: Women in the Workplace. This plan starts in Genesis with God's original call to work, then explores biblical examples of women who work.

Join Us! Common Good Conference October 13, 2017

​By bringing individuals committed to their cities together for an innovative and interactive learning experience, cg2017 will empower the local church as a primary agent of cultural renewal for the common good. Together at the conference, we’ll explore how to seek the common good of our neighborhoods, workplaces and cities. Early bird registration ends August 31. Go to for details.

The Common Good Conference is hosted by Made to Flourish.

Help Us Keep Going! Donate Now to Double Your Impact

​Theology of Work Project is a non-profit organization. We rely on your support to continue helping Christians connect the Bible and everyday work. Thanks to a generous donor, donations through the end of 2017 will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to double your impact! Your gift will enable us to:

  • Upgrade our website, to continue serving readers
  • Create new small group studies
  • Translate the Theology of Work Bible Commentary into Chinese
  • Continue equipping workplace Christians with high-quality, biblically based content, for free

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Quarterly Report, 2017 Q1

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Recovering Addicts and Former Inmates Find Purpose in Work

“I just want to give you a quick shoutout and let you know how powerful the curriculum you wrote is and what an impact it’s having on the men. The Theology of Work curriculum helps connect the practical things the men are learning about job searching and resume writing with the hope of their newfound Christian faith.
- Matthew Tatham, Teen Challenge Career Development Training

The Theology of Work Project is partnering with Teen Challenge to pilot curriculum that helps recovering addicts and former inmates understand how work fits into God’s story for their lives. The program couples Teen Challenge’s job curriculum with a Bible-based small group curriculum written especially for Teen Challenge by TOW Project. Lessons include Does God Care About My Work?; What’s a Calling?, Getting Past the Past When You Have a Record; Bosses, Good and Bad; Money; and Fights with Coworkers. The curriculum has already been implemented at two Teen Challenge centers and will soon be network wide. 

TOW Bible Commentary Added to Bible Gateway Online Study Library

“We’re grateful to the Theology of Work Project both for producing this unique commentary and making it available on Bible Gateway.”
- Andy Rau, Senior Manager of Content for Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway, the world’s largest online Bible site, added the Theology of Work Bible Commentary to their online study library and Study Tools bar, making our commentary available to millions of readers. With the Study Tools bar, users can read the Bible passage they’re studying right alongside the TOW Commentary.

New for Churches: Small Group Studies and Sunday School Curriculum

Theology of Work Project pilots and publishes small group studies on essential work-related topics. We’ve started with two studies: Sabbath and Work, and Work Life Balance. Both are available at for free.

In Spring 2017, we also partnered with the Center for Transformative Work to publish their curriculum God’s Story of Work for Kids at, free of charge.  This partnership answers a prayer we’ve long expressed at TOW Project, to offer an engaging, biblically sound curriculum that helps children develop a godly understanding of work.

Q1: At a Glance

New Devotionals Available Right From Your Phone

Three new TOW Project devotionals are now available for free:
•    End Boredom at Work
•    Anxiety About Money
•    Finding God in Unemployment
They can be done right from your phone with the YouVersion Bible App.

TOW Project's YouVersion plans were completed over 97,000 times in the first quarter of 2017.


Over 600,000 Website Readers in First Quarter

The TOW website served over 600,000 users in the first three months of 2017.


Reaching Out Locally & Internationally

  • TOW Project Executive Editor Will Messenger and Steering Committee member Alistair Mackenzie travelled to New Zealand to speak with churches, young professionals and new pastors about how to integrate faith and work.
  • Mark Roberts, TOW Steering Committee member and leader at Fuller’s DePree Center of Leadership, spoke about TOW Project at gatherings for the Evangelical Covenant Order, the Presbyterian Church (USA) annual conference, and Fuller alumni events.
  • TOW staff and Steering Committee members presented at events hosted by InterVarsity’s MBA ministry, Asbury Theological Seminary, Westmont College, Seattle Pacific University, Nashville Institute for Faith and Work, New Canaan Society, Made to Flourish, Redeemer City to City, and the India City Advance Program.


Partnership with Oikonomia Network Helps Seminaries Integrate Faith & Work Into Curriculum

The Oikonomia Network (ON) is a community of theological educators and seminaries. Theology of Work Project was a featured sponsor at ON’s Karam Forum in March 2017, a 2-day gathering for ON members. In addition, TOW provides practical insights for integrating faith and work into seminary curriculum through ON’s monthly newsletter.

Donate Now to Double Your Impact

Thanks to a generous donor, for a limited time, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to double your impact!

Your gift of any size enables us to continue equipping workplace Christians with high-quality, biblically-based content, for free. Find out how to donate at

Quarterly Report, 2016 Q4

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1.7 Million Readers Served Via Theology of Work Project Website in 2016

Traffic on the Theology of Work Project site has been fueled by search engine optimization, website improvements, and the addition of The High Calling to the TOW Project family. In 2016, the site server over 1.7 million readers, making it the most highly trafficked faith and work website in the world.

Workplace Christians Using TOW Project Devotionals

"YouVersion is thrilled to partner with Theology of Work Project. To date, we've seen more than 470,000 completions of their Bible plan devotionals on the Bible App. Those completions represent real people who are able to regularly explore God's Word, and ultimately incorporate their faith in the workplace..." - Kyle Smith, YouVersion Director of Marketing & Communications

The Theology of Work Project partners with YouVersion Bible App to provide devotional plans that users can complete right from their phones. Readers dig deep into what the Bible offers about topics such as How to Make the Right Decision, What Does the Bible Say About Calling?, Working Through Failure, and Ambition & Your Work. In 2016, two of TOW Project’s plans were among YouVersion’s most completed plans of the year, with over 100,000 completions each. In total, our plans were completed 323,000 times in 2016.

Partnering with Made to Flourish to Train and Resource Pastors

The Theology of Work Commentary is really helpful because when you’re studying for a sermon, you get a lot of the same information from different commentaries. You don’t get that related to an actual life of work. That’s what the TOW Commentary can give you that’s unique.” – Trevor Lee, pastor at Trailhead Church, Littleton, Colorado

Trevor Lee is a pastor and a member of Made to Flourish, a growing network of pastors connecting faith and work. At 1,000 members, it is the largest U.S. organization of its kind for pastors. Made to Flourish licenses the Logos eBible version of the Theology of Work Bible Commentary for all of its members. The Theology of Work Project has conducted trainings at Made to Flourish’s national and regional conferences.

New and Noteworthy, 2016 Q4

Oikonomia Network Partners with TOW to Resource Seminary Staff

The Oikonomia Network is a community of theological educators and seminaries equipping pastors to help people connect their faith and work. ON has licensed the Logos eBible version of the Theology of Work Bible Commentary to distribute to 2,500 seminary faculty and students.

Churches Piloting TOW Small Group Curriculum

Four churches are piloting TOW Project small group curriculum, with requests from many more. Curriculum will be available for free on our website.

New Translations of TOW Commentary

The Korean translation of the TOW Commentary is up and running, and pilots have begun for Chinese and Italian versions.

Seminaries Adopting TOW Commentary Into Curriculum

Seminaries including Fuller, Gordon Conwell, Biola, Bethel and Seattle Pacific have adopted the Theology of Work Bible Commentary into their curricula.

TOW Project Leaders Teaching and Speaking

In 2016, TOW board members were featured speakers at events such as the Faith at Work Summit, The Gospel Coalition’s Women’s Conference, and Moody Theological Seminary’s Lectureship on Faith and Work Integration. If you are interested in having a TOW representative speak at your event, please contact us.

Numbers at a Glance, 2016 Q4

Website Users

The Theology of Work Project website served over 650,000 users and received over 1,000,000 pageviews.

Theology of Work Website Unique Users, Per Quarter

Devotional Readers

We released 3 new YouVersion devotional plans: Love Your Coworkers, How to Make the Right Decision, and Created and Called: Women in the Workplace. How to Make the Right Decision was promoted as a "featured Plan" on the YouVersion app and highlighted in YouVersion's newsletter, going to 22+million English users.

YouVersion plans were completed over 167,000 times in the fourth quarter.

YouVersion Plan Completions, Per Quarter

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The Theology of Work Project is a non-profit organization. Your gift of any size enables us to continue equipping workplace Christians with high-quality, biblically-based content, for free. Find out how to donate at