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When Staying with Your Job is an Act of Obedience - David Hataj (Podcast Episode 27)
Making It Work Podcast

Obeying God's call led to transformation for Edgerton Gear, a Wisconsin-based custom gear manufacturer.

Obadiah Saves a Hundred People by Working Within a Corrupt System (1 Kings 18)
Bible Commentary

At least two episodes during this period deserve our attention. The first, Obadiah’s saving of a hundred prophets, may...

Jesus the Builder (Mark 6:1-6)
Bible Commentary

This is the only passage in the Bible to directly state Jesus' trade.

What Does Calling Mean if You Hate Your Job? (Audio)

What do you do if you hate the job God called you to? Sermon by Will Messenger. 

3 Reasons Easter Matters for Your Work

The hope of Christians lies in Jesus’ work on the cross and his resurrection. What does the resurrection, which we...

Is Church Work a Higher Calling?

A call to ministry or church work is no more sacred than a call to other types of work.