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How to Work When You’re Working From Home - Ian Jackson (Podcast Special Episode)
Making It Work Podcast

With the advent of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, many workers find themselves suddenly working from home. If that's...

Working Together in a Time of Crisis (Devotional)

3 Bible stories encourage us to lean on others in a crisis.

God Calls People to Provide Opportunities for the Poor to Work Productively (Ruth 2:17-23)
Bible Commentary

The most important way God overcomes the barriers to our fruitfulness is through the actions of other people. In the...

Business Forecasting (James 4:13–17)
Bible Commentary

James moves to a new application in giving a warning specifically about business forecasting.[1] Somewhat unusually, he...

We Pray for All Doctors, Nurses and Emergency Workers (Prayer)

May they rejoice in the skills you have given them which enable them to bring healing to those in their care.

Tuning Into God: 4 Spiritual Practices (Devotional)

4 Spirutal Practices you can use to turn down the volume on distracting voices and turn up the volume on God.