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Knowing What to Share (and Not Share) on Social Media - Christian & Anastasia Anderson
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What wisdom and guidance can faith provide for deciding how you use social media and what you share? We talk to...

1 John: Walking in the Light
Bible Commentary

Although written under greatly different circumstances than James,[1] 1 John also challenges the notion that faith can...

The Wise Worker Guards the Tongue (Proverbs)
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The Valiant Woman exercises care in what she says and how she speaks. The proverbs remind us that “to watch over mouth...

52 Workday Prayers: Psalm 23 - Lord, Lead Me in Right Paths

The Lord is your Good Shepherd, who will lead you in right paths as you work.

Best of Daily Reflections: Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World
Daily Reflection

Like Jesus himself, we are to be in the world, engaged with its people, institutions, and cultures.

Best of Daily Reflections: Use the Power of Your Words for Good
Daily Reflection

As you may recall, in Ephesians 4:22-24 our life in Christ is pictured as a matter of putting off the old self and...