Film Producer Says, “If We’re Responsible with Our Funds, God Will Open Doors.” (Video)

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For film producer Jared Callahan, stewardship means two things: 1) being responsible with the resources God has given him, and 2) telling the stories God has entrusted him to tell.


If you wanted to say, “What are our goals as a film company?” It’s really tough. Because I’m not going to set my goals based on money.

It sounds silly for a business person, but I just feel like – and not in an ignorant way like, “Oh if we’re faithful then money will work itself out” because we’re making very shrewd financial decisions - but if we continue to be responsible with the funds that we have, and that we’re honoring the stories that we’re invited to tell, then I feel like God will continue to open up the next door for us as we reach the end of the last. As we pass through one door another door will appear. And that’s what’s happened.

I mean, we’ve made movies where I’ve just said, “This is – a gut Holy Spirit feeling – the project I need to be making.” And I went and filmed it by myself on an iPhone. And it came out on the New York Times a couple months ago.

I met a guy who was really passionate about a story, I convinced him to make this film, I shepherded this film, and it comes out at Sundance in January 2018. So I have no proof otherwise that if I don’t continue to be faithful every step that God will continue to be faithful every step as well.

And I don’t plan on going away. Like if we can’t make million-dollar films, I’m going to keep making low budget films for the next 40 years. That attitude is: it’s not a make-or-break. It’s: I’m going to be here no matter what. It’s just the level will be determined by the current factors that we’re experiencing, whether good or bad.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Bible Commentary: The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30).