Portfolio Manager Marta Norton Loves Borrowers She Never Meets (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Stewarding someone else’s finances is a way to love them. In some cases, real feelings of love even emerge from this impersonal relationship.


Money is very emotional, and the markets are very emotional. And so a client will own a portfolio and see a portfolio sell off and not know what to do. It just has been a very important lesson for me to realize that it’s not just numbers on a spreadsheet – it’s someone’s dreams and it’s someone’s livelihood. I need to be respectful of that and a good steward of that.

I feel very strongly about this mission of serving these people, many of whom I will never meet. You know, we manage billions of dollars, but the account sizes are pretty small, maybe around a hundred thousand each. So I’m very protective of them.

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