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Work as Worship (Video)

You can work in a factory or office and have the same call from God as a pastors or missionary.

Church Doesn’t Always Come First

"Let's not make church work into an idolatry. Church doesn't come first. God's will comes first." Everything we do is...

Give ‘em Heaven

Fourteen-year-old Larissa Heatley, Dallas Willard’s only granddaughter, delivered a personal tribute at his memorial...

Interview with Dr. Sean McDonough

Dr. Sean McDonough, Professor of New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS), talks about the Theology...

A higher power in cranes

A broken 20-story crane threatens a construction project and the workers, pedestrians and neighbors nearby. Where does...

“Is your work a high calling?” Contractor Kimberly Renner

Construction contractor Kimberly Renner sees her work as a high calling.

“How do we know our calling in the workplace?” - SVP J.B. Wood

J.B. Wood says you don't need to know your calling before choosing a career.​

Include Work Whenever You Preach (Video)

Trevor Lee and Brian Gray encourage pastors to put work into every sermon with help from the TOW Bible Commentary.

Faith & Work Stories: the Importance of Parenting and the Work of Restoration

In this video, Janet Wilde shares about how her faith informs her work as a homemaker. This video was shown in corporate...

Don’t Send That Email! Using The Fruits of The Spirit at Work (Video)

This engineer asks God for patience when he reads an angering email.

How Can a Mentor Help?

Smart Christian business people have been in your position before. Ask them for advice.

We are the best versions of ourselves when we work

We were created to work, and we are the best version of ourselves when we work.