Around the Network: Piety, Thanksgiving and Living with No Regrets

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Around the Network: Piety, Thanksgiving and Living with No Regrets

Are you frustrated at the things you never get done? Does your list grow longer instead of shorter? J.C. Schaap, who blogs at Stuff in the Basement, is annoyed at his inability to get everything done at work and home. "Industry is like piety, in a way--you can never quite do enough or be enough,” he writes. “There's always more work lurking right around the corner, always more that could be done. We could all be better Christians, harder workers, more passionate, more productive.” But deep down, J.C. secretly longs for “a healthy shot of sloth.” Read the entertaining Lament

There is no greater responsibility or joy than leading our children into a faith of their own. Michelle Hurst who blogs at I Don’t Believe in Grammar had a nighttime experience with her son that you just have to read. The little boy is wondering about prayer, and he wants to hear the voice of God. He asks What Does He Sound Like?

We’ve all been steamed at our spouse, or kids or coworkers. Nicole Burke at Burning Bushes writes about nursing anger. She gives some great advice on how to be Good AND angry here.

Lisa Auter over at the Dove Chronicles is contemplating her life of thanksgiving, and transforming it to the “thanksliving” as espoused by High Calling Contributing Editor Ann Voskamp, who wrote the powerful One Thousand Gifts. Lisa writes, “I shouldn’t write a list of blessings on what I thought I had to be grateful for. I need to be inspired.” She challenges the reader, I Dare You, she writes, to name blessings, bubbling from our hearts.

If you’ve ever got a mouthful of unfiltered coffee, you’ll realize what a mistake you made. And so it is with conversation. “When we don't use the right filters to sift our words we end up saying things that are offensive, bitter, and hard to swallow.” Kay Harms at Off the Beaten Path asks, Are You Using a Filter?

Courtney Girdwood at Treasures in Heaven spotted a trend in her life. “Why am I always expecting the worst? Why am sure things are going to fall apart at any second?” she asks. “I just wish I could rest in today”, she writes, instead of Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop.

“Numbering our days” isn't a morbid belief. It's a call to live life to the fullest — to always be ready with no regrets. Kim Hyland, the Winsome Woman, writes about how she has come to grips with the present. “When fear leaves and life becomes precious.” It’s all about embracing Today

When things go bad, often our first reaction is to find someone or something to blame. It can’t be us, right? But Jodi Hill at Find God  looks at her present situation and admits that it’s nobody’s fault, but hers. But God is available to shoulder the blame, to carry the guilty party back to freedom. Read Who is Responsible.

In today’s world, it seems as if every opinion is acceptable, every action commendable and to criticize either is met with the “don’t be judgmental” admonition. But Robert Lloyd Russell argues that we are to be discerning – and he tells us how to do it.

Politics dominate much of our national discussion and attention. What’s a Christian to do?  Kim Tunage has a solution – Fight with a Different Weapon.

Around here, faith is a unifying theme as we engage the culture, family and workplace. But to be honest, we all struggle with having enough faith to make it through the rough patches. Amy Sorrells writes of this struggle and correctly surmises, “Others struggle with the craze and walking-alone-in-the-pitch-black uncertainty. If your soul is weary today, if your heart cries out to Him and you feel on the edge . . . know you are not alone.”

It’s a big world of blogging out there, and we count it as a blessing to highlight some of the great writer’s from around the High Calling. Keep reading. Keep writing.


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Credits: Image by Bill Vriesma. Used with permission via Flickr. Post by David Rupert.

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