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Best of 2011 Community

Each week our editors read dozens of insightful articles from writers who belong to our network.  Listed below are some of the most popular posts from the past year. To select other articles that have been selected by our editors, head over to the High Calling Community page.

There's room for you at our table too. To join, simply register on this page and put a link to your blog. This year, we are also working hard to expand our network to people who prefer Facebook and Twitter, so be watching for that in 2012.

Thank you for being part of our growing community dedicated to living out our High Calling at work and at home.

Best of 2011 From The High Calling Community Pursue the Gifts You Have, Not the Ones You Want

by Chris Patton of Christian Faith at Work

Chris talked about the boy David, who was outfitted with Saul’s armor to combat Goliath. It didn’t fit. It cramped his style. It redefined who he was. So he shed it, wore his shepherder's clothing, and he killed a giant.
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    Christians and Job Burnout

by Megan Williams of Still Waters

"Am I burned out? I'm just tired of doing things. I’m not sleepy or physically tired, but my will is shot,”Megan writes. Many people these days are asking the same question, and to make matters worse, they’re stuck. The economy keeps them in jobs they don't dare give up.
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    Has God Forgotten About Your Resume?

by Susan Dimickle

Susan asks, “Do you wish you had a different job?  Do you think you are uniquely qualified—maybe even called by God!—to do something else?” God continually reminds us that he really knows us, believes in us and would hire us on the spot!n?
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    Are You a Skunk or a Saint?

by Mike St. Pierre of Daily Saint

We all know people who are impressed with their titles, degrees and positions. They'll gladly tell anyone who will listen – and even those who don’t. Mike takes on this trend to impress people in his insightful blog post.
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    Do You Bring Meaning to your Work?

by Mark Russell at Q Ideas

The key to making your work more than just a duty is to find a deeper meaning, a purpose to your labor. Mark Russell writes, “For work to have meaning, it can’t just be a means to an end. It has to be something that has genuine value in and of itself. ”
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    Performance Reviews: Dare to be Different

by Sue Miley at Christian Business Crossroads

If you work for a company of any size, you’ll have to go through some sort of performance review appraisal. For both managers and subordinates, it can be a brutal, mind-numbing process. Sue Miley suggests that we dare to be different.
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    Advent Community Writing Project

by Charity Singleton at Wide Open Spaces

This year The High Calling has featured several community writing projects where our members are invited to write on the same theme. The Advent project was one of the most popular, with 55 entries. Charity said, " There were so many beautiful posts submitted, each one a sign-post along the Advent road, showing me the way to Bethlehem."
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Image by Ed Siasoco. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Post by Sandra Sims.

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