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Best of 2012 Culture

Culture is the result of everything we create, manage, and consume. Here at The High Calling, we talk a lot about work in the traditional sense, which includes discussions on cubicle-world ethics and honesty in the workplace. But God cares about all seven days, and everything we fill them with. So while work may be what you do to get a paycheck, items such as poetry, film, trends, language, holidays, and non-fiction may not. Yet both require work.

Everything you do, everything you make contributes to the culture in which we live. In many ways, culture is the product of our work—whether we are paid for that work or not.The best culture articles of 2012 remind us that everything matters, everything we do and everything we consume.

Best of 2012 Culture Creating a High Calling Culture Creating a High Calling Culture

By Sam Van Eman

“Culture is all day, every day,” says Sam Van Eman, our culture editor for The High Calling. This post launched a series of 12 essays on culture covering everything from video games to couches made out of old Chevys to PR and operations.
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    Till Money Do Us Part Till Money Do Us Part

By Cheryl Smith

In our nearly five and a half years of marriage, my husband has been the family CFO. It’s a title he’s wanted to relinquish many times, particularly on days when bills loomed large and paychecks had been long spent.
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    My Hair, My Life My Hair, My Life

By Deidra Riggs

It was years before I knew the white girls didn’t use hair grease and that it was best to keep that information to myself. Eventually, I started getting my hair pressed.
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    The High Calling of the Avengers The High Calling of the Avengers

By Marcus Goodyear

After the movie, I moralized a bit in the car with the kids because that is a dad’s role. “What did you learn?” I asked. “Dad!” they said. “It’s just a movie.” No. It’s not.
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     Hospitality as a Cultural Act Everything Matters: Hospitality as a Cultural Act

By Margie Haack

I had always understood that food was important, like when I cooked for my boyfriend, who later became my husband. But I didn’t know it as a language that proclaimed “I love you.”
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