An Invitation for You to Share Your Story

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An Invitation for You to Share Your Story

On a humid August night in 2008, I published my first blog post, from a laptop at my kitchen table. It was a simple, tender reflection about the Emmaus travelers.

The moon rose behind me while I tapped out these words: “Like an unexpected Jesus on a dusty road to Emmaus, the risen Christ is walking alongside me.”

I hit “publish,” rocketing those words out into the yawning abyss known as the Internet.

My inaugural online essay was hardly an act of literary genius. But I was giddy with expectation. Visions of enraptured readers danced in my head.

But I was promptly greeted with the faint sound of … crickets.

A few days later, I knocked out another meager offering for the online world.

This time? Lo, the deafening echo.

I longed for people to replace crickets. Sure, I wanted readers, but I also wanted community—a place to belong out in this vast, digital canyon.

My search led me here. I found The High Calling, a place where other writers and artists and thought leaders were gathering to discuss issues of calling and faith.

As I would later learn, The High Calling was far more than a community for writers. The High Calling was an online program of the Foundations for Laity Renewal. (The Texas-based foundation is committed to a variety of charitable, education and philanthropic purposes. According to the Foundation's core purpose, it exists to serve God by creating opportunities for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world.)

To me, the High Calling shrunk the Internet. I found a chair at the table, enjoyed the company and broke bread—like the Emmaus travelers did with Jesus.

Later, I became a member of the editorial team.

Nearly six years later, I am still sitting at the table, still breaking bread, still encountering Jesus in this place where we have everyday conversations about work, life, and God.

I looked down at the table again today, and I saw a spot, set for you.

Today, we invite you to sit with us. We invite you to break bread with us. We invite you to bring your voice and your stories. Your words matter to us. Will you pull up a chair?

Share Your Story (A Community Link-Up):

This spring, we have begun a new link-up at The High Calling. This is an invitation for you to be a part of the conversations we’re hosting. Every other week, we’ll offer a writing prompt, centered around a theme.

This round, consider the prompt, “Keeping Sabbath.” Write your story on your blog sometime before Saturday, May 17th, and then share it with us using the link-up tool below.

We’d love to hear what the Sabbath means to you. How do you practically keep the Sabbath? What are the challenges of keeping a Sabbath in today’s productivity-driven culture? How have you encountered God in a meaningful way when you’ve kept the Sabbath?

We’ll be reading all of your stories, and we will choose a few of the linked posts to feature right here on our homepage next week!

Submission Guidelines:

Make sure your story is 600 words or fewer. Good storytelling is a must. Follow the theme as closely as possible, while still exercising your God-given creativity. Read past High Calling features to get a feel of our style and focus. Direct references to faith and Scripture are fine, but not required.

Publish your piece on your blog and submit your piece along with the URL on the link-up below by Saturday, May 17th, in order to be considered for a featured spot.

We look forward to reading your stories!

Looking Ahead:

Our next community linkup will begin May 26. We will be exploring social justice and ethics in the workplace. Come back on May 26 to link up your stories on social justice and ethics in the workplace.

Post and photo by Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol. 

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