PhotoPlay Gallery: Look Up!

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PhotoPlay Gallery: Look Up!

Mark Ettinger

Tim Miller

For our November PhotoPlay, I challenged you to lie down to gain a different perspective. I appreciated that some of you, like Ann Kroeker (above, top), risked being laughed at by onlookers. Mark Charles (above, middle) showed how perspective can create some truly fascinating images—even with a camera phone. And Tim Miller (above) found a different perspective while lying down by turning sideways instead of just looking up.

In addition to great photos, L.L. Barkat invited you to write a poem on this theme, and you responded. The featured selection, called "The Space I Dream Into Being," comes from Maureen Doallas:

The Space I Dream Into Being

I look up, wanting
to finger the face

of rain, kohled lashes
slant against sky,

tiny dividing lines
scuffing clouds

blown thick
with hot breath,

so many words
escaping the space

I dream into being
between you and me.


Please enjoy all of the submissions below. We hope you'll join us again next month!

All Random Acts of Poetry participants

Kelly's From My Back Cindee's Hope Like Crimson Roses
Laura's Black Willow
Karin's Looking Up
Monica's Most Times I Tend and My Mentors         
Violet's Parallel Community
Nance's Looking Up
Sandra's Comfortable
Michelle's Looking Up
Divya's The Unknown Angels
Glynn's The News is Looking Up
Raul's Woman Up the Stairs
Maureen's The Space I Dream into Being

All PhotoPlay participants

Click on the thumbnails for a full view.


Photoplay 20, a gallery on Flickr.

Chandelier image by Ann Kroeker. Sourced via Flickr. Lamp post image by Mark Charles. Sourced via Flickr. Flower image by Tim Miller. Sourced via Flickr. All photos used with permission.

Post by Tina Howard, Content Editor for Laity Lodge Family Camp. Special thanks to L.L. Barkat for hosting Random Acts of Poetry.

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