PhotoPlay Gallery: My past in image and word

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PhotoPlay Gallery: My past in image and word

This month, PhotoPlay and Random Acts of Poetry invited you to take a journey backward. Judging by the content submitted, you took the invitation seriously. Beautiful photos and sonnets came together to make a fantastic selection below.

Michele Ortega starts us off with the feature photo above called "WinterEyes." You can read her reflection here. Sara Barkat follows with a remarkable treat - a sonnet entitled "The Narrator." (I'll tell you how old she is in a minute.)

The Narrator

I'll tell you now a tale both sad and true,
the story of the cuckoo in the tree
across the endless, vast, and wave-filled sea.
And of the flute, the crying notes it blew
to break and make a spell with one bright tune,
and what it did to everyone, and me,
a girl who only wishéd to be free
of the wicked witches, and now you

say that I know nothing of all that time.
Well, I'll tell the tale both loud and clear.
I'll even tell it—listen now—in rhyme.
And then I'll take from you, all you hold dear
and we will know the truth, and know the lie.
I'll make you beg on bended knees with tears.


The links and gallery images below contain all of the submissions. Enjoy!

All Random Acts of Poetry participants

Connie’s Fantasy’s Cloak
Maureen’s How You Look Back
Michelle’s History
Nicole’s My History
Sandra’s Walking Wooden
Sara’s The Narrator (She's 14.)
Violet’s Where I’m From

PhotoPlay participants

Click on the thumbnails for a full view and corresponding reflections.


DanDianaEsther JennyJessicaMichelleMonicaNancyPatricia SandraTriciaViolet


If you are new here at The High Calling or have just stumbled across this post, you can read about the invitation to this activity here. You'll need to wait till next month for a chance to be highlighted, but the exercise will still be worth the effort. See you next month!

Image by Michelle O. Used with permission. Sourced via Flickr. Post by Claire Burge in cooperation with L.L. Barkat.

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