PhotoPlay: Royal Colour Watch

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PhotoPlay: Royal Colour Watch

It was my grandfather’s 100th birthday. On that 15th day of September, 2007, every man in the neighbourhood, the dog and cat, family members and multiple teapots scrunched into the tiny living room space awaiting The Letter.

The Letter that takes a lifetime to receive. The Letter only earned through a century of years. The Letter written in Her own handwriting, wishing this very special veteran joy for the milestone. The Letter from the Queen.

The postman arrived at the door, dressed in royal blue: a uniform to be proud of. Could it be that we subconsciously dressed for the occasion too?

Aunt Molly’s handbag was stitched a summer blue. Grandpa’s soft shoes peeked out from under the seams of his pants with Yale blue character. Anne wore leggings of pinstripe cobalt and white. The tea cosy carried a pale shade of turquoise while the sky outside approached aquamarine. The conversation even leaned blue, stilted slightly by the awkward silence between remembrances of yesterday. The window frames had been painted powder blue and the cake invited with cerulean accents. The car out back, I recall, glistened Navy, and I noticed in the peripheral of my eye a headpiece the shade of indigo.

Seeing and shooting a deliberate colour is an important part of any photography collection because:

  • It marks proactivity, where you move from passive observer to active seeker.
  • It requires that you tune your eyes to see a certain family of shades in all things about you.
  • Capturing colour takes you into positions and angles you may not normally shoot.
  • Specific objects ask for your attention rather than full scenes, even though the scenes might still be important to the overall picture.


blue collage.jpg

For this month’s challenge:

  1. Choose a colour.
  2. Shoot a series of images with that colour.
  3. Select eight of your favourites.
  4. Upload them to your personal Flickr account and create a set within Flickr.
  5. Upload your favourite of the series to The High Calling Focus Flickr Group.
  6. Include a link to your gallery in the description.
  7. Tag the image with “PhotoPlay 15”, the colour and “The High Calling.”
  8. I will select one to feature in the gallery for next week.
  9. Have fun!
  10. The deadline is Wednesday, June 15th.


Photos and PhotoPlay prompt by Claire Burge.

For more photo fun, visit Claire and Kelly at High Calling Focus. There you can get a regular dose of their expertise and encouragement.

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