Seek Ye First

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Seek Ye First

So what's the main thing for you? Seriously. Most people probably can't answer that question. That's because most of us live on auto-pilot. We follow our culture's expectations without asking too many questions. That's where the gospel gets tough. Christ calls us to seek first the Kingdom of God. But what does that mean?

Every Square Inch asks a hard question in a recent post. What would it mean for a person to put the gospel at the center of his or her life? What would it mean to let the message of Christ be your prime motivating factor?

This may sound like run of the mill, religious-speak to you but I think what makes this quote particularly provocative is that it is alien to the way most Christians think about their lives. When we think about career choices, how many of us take the advance of the gospel into account? How about the pursuit of the American dream - two kids, white picket fence et al, - where does the advance of gospel fit into that pursuit? It's entirely possible that for most of us, this central aspiration has been pushed to the periphery of our lives...still in view but marginal...

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