Share Your Story: Resurrection

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Share Your Story: Resurrection

Mary Magdalene stood at the tomb, dressed in black. Her heart felt as heavy as the cloak of shame she'd worn before Jesus had healed her of seven demons.

Someone had taken her friend and savior's body, and she didn't think she could bear it. How could they do this? Mary thought. Wasn't it enough to strip and beat him, string him up on a cross, and mock him in front of those who had once hailed him as king?

As she lingered near the stone, which had likely been moved aside by the thief who had stolen her Lord's mutilated form away, she sobbed uncontrollably. So intense was her grief that she didn't recognize the man who came up to her. Not until he lovingly said her name--"Mary"--did she realize that Jesus wasn't dead or gone, after all. 

He was alive!

This past week as I meditated on the Easter story, God brought something new to mind. Dena, he said gently, there are areas in your own life where you've been so devastated that you've failed to recognize the ways I'm moving. In the midst of your hurt, you're not seeing that winter is over and spring has begun.

I often get so caught up in loss--whether it's in a job, health or relationship--that my eyes are clouded. When he begins to bring new growth out of dead places, my continued mourning causes me to miss the miracle.

What about you? Where is God asking you to open your eyes, so that you can see a resurrection?

Share Your Story

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Next week, our theme is Resurrection: "Resurrection is the promise of new life. God is at work in the world, redeeming and restoring it and coaxing it to new life. You can see it if you look closely. All is not lost. Hope is not wasted. You are not so far gone that God cannot see you or love you or reach out toward you and make you new. The work of your hands that falls short of the goal, the broken dreams in your heart, the missed opportunities, the failed relationships. Not a single one of these creates a chasm so big that God's love cannot reach you. We all need it, don't we? The hope of resurrection. The promise that God can raise the lifeless, breathless, beaten-down, and beaten-up. We need to know it in us before we can take it into the world. When we've found ourselves at the end of our rope and then suddenly find ourselves alive again—on the other side of shame or loss or grief or disappointment—it changes the way we see the world. It impacts every part of what we do. Resurrection is the promise of new life. You can see it if you look closely."

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