Submit Your Story (Link-up): Your Work Matters to God

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Submit Your Story (Link-up): Your Work Matters to God

The time you nearly died of boredom during a meeting...again.

The week you almost quit because you felt insignificant, unappreciated, and underpaid.

The year of depression, doubt, and downsizing in which you felt abandoned by God.

We want those stories, and we invite you to tell them this week in our community link-up below. (We’ll be selecting a few of your stories to feature right here on the home page the following week!)

Here are the details:

Your Work Matters to God

What if your work is drudgery? What if getting out of bed to head to your daily grind is just about to push you over the edge? What if Monday morning always arrives with a feeling a dread? We all want to feel as of the work we're doing is meaningful. We want it to fill us up, and we pray it makes a difference in the world for good. But what if you're stuck in a job that has nothing to do with what you feel called to do? What if you feel trapped and discouraged? Is this series, Your Work Matters, we'll be asking some of these same questions. We don't promise to have all (or any) of the answers, but we encourage you to wrestle with these tough and painful issues, right along with us. Tell us your story. Offer your wisdom, and come away encouraged that you are not alone, and that God sees you, right where you are.

How to Share Your Story

Every other week, we offer a new link-up at The High Calling. This is an invitation for you to be a part of the conversations we’re hosting.

This round, using the prompt, “Your Work Matters to God," write your story on your blog sometime before Saturday, July 26, at midnight, and then share it with us using the link-up tool below.

We’ll be reading all of your stories, and we will choose a few of the linked posts to feature right here on our homepage the week of July 27.

Submission Guidelines

Make sure your story is 600 words or fewer. We really love good storytelling. Follow the theme as closely as possible, while still exercising your God-given creativity. Read past High Calling features to get a feel of our style and focus. Direct references to faith and Scripture are fine, but not required.

Publish your piece on your blog and submit your piece along with the URL on the link-up below by Saturday, July 26, in order to be considered for a featured spot.

We’d love it if you’d also include a link to this post, so other writers and readers in the network can learn about our linkup.

Looking Ahead

Our next community linkup will begin August 4. We will be exploring the theme "Helping Employees Fulfill Their Dreams." Check back then for more details...and happy writing! We look forward to reading your stories.

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