Preaching About Work

Article / Produced by TOW Project

There are many ways to incorporate workplace issues into a Sunday sermon.  Here are some examples from preachers who have done it successfully.

Preaching Series: Surprised by Joseph
Steve Graham, pastor of a Pentecostal church in Christchurch, New Zealand, was preaching a series of sermons on Joseph. He felt challenged to try harder to understand Joseph’s daily work circumstances and relate these insights to the working lives of his congregation. He was stunned by the warm response from his parishioners and the feedback they provided.  He asked some of them to tell their stories during the church service. This series stirred up additional questions about ethical dilemmas, which Graham answered in new series on the 10 commandments, also with a workplace emphasis.

Sermon Series: Ruth and Parables
This preaching series on Ruth and Parables demonstrates how a church can go beyond the entry-level message that "God cares about your work" to dive deep into complex workplace issues such as stress, immigration, hiring, unemployment, and job satisfaction.  On this page you can listen to full sermons, read the sermon notes, and download related questions for small groups.

Sermon Examples on Vocation and Work
You can find more than 70 sermons about “Vocation and Work” downloadable from The Gospel Coalition website.