Advent IV Year C

Anticipating His Advent
Daily Reflection

My youngest son has prayed using the word “hope” for years: I wondered if I should correct him, until I learned the...

Christmas Eve: O Little Town of Bethlehem
Daily Reflection

In our translation, Micah 5:2 describes Bethlehem as “a small village.” Its diminutive size is forever enshrined in...

Women Happily Accept Significant Work (Luke 1)

When we open the Gospel according to Luke, we immediately meet an elderly woman named Elizabeth, the wife of a Jewish...

Best of Daily Reflections: Are You Striving for the Wrong Things?
Daily Reflection

He has brought down princes from their thrones and exalted the humble.Luke 1:52Luke 1:46-55 is Mary's song of...

Advent Reflection: Waiting for the Shepherd
Daily Reflection

Psalm 80 begins with a cry to God, who is addressed as the “Shepherd of Israel” because he has led Joseph’s...

Advent Reflection: The Bread of Tears
Daily Reflection

The other night, as I tucked my youngest son in, I couldn’t help noticing how completely he filled up my arms. I felt...

Jesus’ Intercession Empowers Our Life and Work (Hebrews 7:1–10:18)
Bible Commentary

Lech WalesaLech Walesa’s path to becoming the president of Poland reached its pivotal moment on August 14, 1980 when...

The Kingdom of God Shows Up at Work (Luke 1-5)
Bible Commentary

The Kingdom of God shows up at work in the Christmas story and beyond in the book of Luke.