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Lessons on Leading

How does faith change work and leadership? Lessons on leadership beyond rank and power from Philemon.

Israel’s Failure of Leadership (Ezekiel 34)
Bible Commentary

Israel's leaders are indicted for their failure to care for the nation. Ezekiel 34 uses the metaphor of shepherding to...

Christian Leadership as Service (1 Corinthians 4:1–4)
Bible Commentary

In this passage, Paul offers a definitive statement of what it means to be a leader.

Does Servant Leadership Mean An Intern Gets The Business Class Upgrade? (Video)

Some managers baulk when Christian values are actually expected at work.

Servant Leadership
Daily Reflection

When James and John tried to obtain positions of honor alongside Jesus in the kingdom of God, the other disciples became...

Maintaining Integrity in a Culture of Self-Promotion - Monica Busch (Podcast Episode 6)
Making It Work Podcast

How can you maintain integrity in a culture of self-promotion? A Christian at Facebook gives us a view from...