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Balancing Rhythms of Rest and Work (Overview)

God calls people to both work and rest. Explore the biblical call to rest and break through some of the barriers we...

God Sets Limits (Genesis 2:3; 2:17)
Bible Commentary

God sets limits to our work. It's up to us to discern those limits and live within them.

Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction & Anxiety - Justin Whitmel Earley (Podcast Ep. 30)
Making It Work Podcast

With constant distraction at our fingertips, our routines around work can add up to days filled with anxiety, restless...

Finding Work Life Balance (Devotional)

Learn from the Bible whether healthy rhythms of work, rest and play are possible.

Work Within a Balanced Life (Jeremiah 17)
Bible Commentary

Jeremiah also turned his attention to the rhythm of work and rest. As always, the prophet began with God’s earlier...

The Sabbath and the Work People Do for Us
Bible Commentary

Of the few variations between the two versions of the Ten Commandments, the majority occur as additions to the fourth...