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End Boredom at Work (Devotional)

A Bible reading plan about what to do when you're bored at your job.

Experiencing God’s Presence at Work - Denise Daniels, Shannon Vandewarker (Podcast Episode 7)
Making It Work Podcast

What if you could experience God's presence in the midst of your ordinary, everyday work?

Psalm 150
Bible Commentary

The final psalm returns to music as our response to God’s “mighty deeds”, upon which all our activity and work are...

Learning to Embrace Boredom: An Interview With Kathleen Norris

We enter into a vocation with high hopes. But after years go by, it can turn into a daily grind and we become...

Perseverance, Wisdom, and Spiritual Growth (James 1:1–5)
Bible Commentary

James begins by emphasizing the deep connection between daily life and spiritual growth. Specifically, God uses the...

Preventing Burnout: Changing Seasons

I’m fried. I’m burned out. I need a new life because the one I’ve got is all flamed out. ...