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An Orienting Identity as God’s Kingdom Witnesses in Daily Life (Acts 2:1-41)
Bible Commentary

There is no question that the story of Pentecost is central to the life of the early Christian community. This is the...

Faith & Work Stories: the Importance of Parenting and the Work of Restoration

In this video, Janet Wilde shares about how her faith informs her work as a homemaker. This video was shown in corporate...

Serving the Word and Serving Tables are Equally Valuable (Acts 6:2-4)
Bible Commentary

The work of administering justice is just as important as the work of preaching the word.

Experiencing God at Work (Sermon)

There are many paths to experiencing God’s presence at work. This sermon is from the Theology of Work...

Generous Hospitality at Work (Small Group Study Series)
Small Group Study

A 6-week small group series on work and hospitality, with movie night discussion guides.

How to Do Vocational Interviews in Church

Tips for on-stage interviews that bring Monday work into the Sunday service.