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Perseverance, Wisdom, and Spiritual Growth (James 1:1–5)
Bible Commentary

James begins by emphasizing the deep connection between daily life and spiritual growth. Specifically, God uses the...

Lead Through Prayer (Devotional)

This devotional shows you 5 ways to use prayer in your daily work.

David’s Successes and Failures as King (2 Samuel 1-24)
Bible Commentary

No Guarantees (Click to read) In 2011, Johnson & Johnson made a series of massive product recalls after...

“How Is Failure Part of Life?” - Andy Crouch

All creativity requires the willingness to fail, and I don't know any creative endeavor where you don't fail before you...

Calling Video Series

A collection of videos introducing the biblical concept of calling.

Entrepreneur Is Grateful for Failures and the People Who Kept Her Believing (Video)

Don't quit. If you see a successful entrepreneur, they've walked through failure at some point.