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Evangelism - Sharing the Gospel at Work (Overview)

What if we truly believed Jesus’ words about sharing the gospel with others?

Five Appropriate Times to Share Your Faith at Work

Jim wanted to run the other way when a friend urged him to go on a short-term mission trip to Cuba.

A Just Community Is a Witness to the World (Acts 2:47; 6:7)
Bible Commentary

When resources are properly deployed in the life of the Christian community—as they are after the selection of the...

God Loves Our Work - 5 Things Non-Christians Wish About Christian Coworkers: Luke 7 Sermon Notes
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Theme: Hopeful Expectations Beneath the Public Rancor Key Truths/Outline 1. The negative public face of the Christian...

Sharing Your Faith at Work Without Fear - Sue Warnke (Podcast Episode 13)
Making It Work Podcast

Conversations about faith in the workplace can feel like a minefield. So how can you share your faith at work? Guest Sue...

“How do I foster meaningful work relationships and influence workplace culture?” Webinar (Video)

How do I foster meaningful relationships with my coworkers when I mostly talk about work-related topics? How can I...