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Joseph (Genesis 37:2-50:26)
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Waiting for the Harvest (James 5:7–20)
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James concludes his letter with a variety of exhortations on patience, truthfulness, prayer, confession, and healing. As...

Christian Entrepreneur Faced Delays and Failures with Healthy Long-Term Expectations (Video)

Entrepreneur took failures in stride because he never expected success to come quickly.

Working through Failure (Devotional)

Face failure with a Biblical perspective and move forward when you've made mistakes.

Winning and Losing at Work - Nate Proctor (Podcast Episode 31)
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How do you cope with work when winning or losing feels like everything?

When You’ve Done the Work But Aren’t Seeing Success - Mary Beth Minnis
Making It Work Podcast

Where is God when you're not getting the results you expected?