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Jesus at the Joystick: Can Video Games be Spiritual? - Xalavier Nelson, Jr.
Making It Work Podcast

BAFTA-nominated narrative director and game developer Xalavier Nelson, Jr., discusses how video games can connect us to...

Human Creativity With God (Psalm 104)
Bible Commentary

From the beginning, God intended human work as a form of creativity under or alongside God’s own creativity.

Bless Wider Society Through Your Work (Jeremiah 29)
Bible Commentary

In Jeremiah chapter 29, the prophet draws attention to God’s intention that his people's work should bless and serve...

Sharing the Gospel Through Competence

The first task of ambassadors of Christ in the workplace is to do our work with excellence—because our competence...

Sonny VU on The ‘Why’ Behind Work: Creativity, Meaningful Productivity, and Worship (Video)

Entrepreneur says work would be too hard if he didn't see it intrinsically as an act of worship.

R. Paul Stevens on Sacred-Secular Dualism - Worst Heresy of the Christian Church Worldwide (Video)

R. Paul Stevens on the problem of dualism and the sacred-secular divide.