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The Invisible Burden of Being a Black Woman in the Workplace - Austin Channing Brown (Podcast Ep.2)
Making It Work Podcast

Guest Austin Channing Brown talks about faith, work and the invisible burden of being a black woman in the workplace.

Faith and Public Policy:  An Interview with William H. Gray, III

William H. Gray, III, was the first African American to chair the House Budget Committee. He chaired the Democratic...

Doing Justice (Leviticus 19:15-16)
Bible Commentary

“You shall not render an unjust judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great: with justice you...

A Daily Examen for Living as an Antiracist Person

The examen is an ancient prayer practice that encourages reflection on the events of each day in order to...

Does God Care About Social Justice?
Daily Reflection

The important people of the land have practiced extortion and have committed robbery. They’ve oppressed the poor and...

“Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness” (Matthew 5:6)
Bible Commentary

Understanding the fourth beatitude turns on understanding what Jesus meant by righteousness. In ancient Judaism,...