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Leadership & Faith During Uncertain Times: Interview w. Andy Crouch and Katherine Alsdorf

Resource Global interviews Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Theology of Work Project board member and co-author of Every...

God’s Word for Work: Online Bible Study
Small Group Study

God’s Word for Work is a simple, easy, free way for you to host an online Bible study.

Whether Our Work Is Paid or Unpaid, We Give Our Work to You Lord God (Prayer)

Whatever our work, grant us a share in your purpose.

Navigating People vs. Profit - Al Erisman (Podcast Special Episode)
Making It Work Podcast

How can you navigate the tension between people and profit, and what does the Bible have to say about it?

Intercessions for the Unemployed (Prayer)

Lord, let us remember that work is for people, not people for work.

How to Pray for Workers During Coronavirus

As most of us navigate the daily changing of tides with news around the health and safety of our world, communities, and...