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The Community of Grace at Work (Romans 12)
Bible Commentary

How can we live as a community that embraces the gift of grace that's been given us?

Introduction: In Exile at Babylon U. (Daniel 1)
Bible Commentary

Daniel managed to walk the tightrope of partial cultural assimilation without religious or moral compromise.

Could family be part of a calling?

Mark Roberts poses a question about family and work.

The Impact of Work, Andy Mills (Podcast)

This is the fourth talk of Andy Mills' five-part series on faith and work. Andy Mills is the former CEO of the...

Ambition (1-Hour Small Group Study)
Small Group Study

Group discussion and Bible study about ambition: the good, the bad, and the godly.

How To Include Work Whenever You Preach

The TOW Bible Commentary includes nearly 1,000 passages to help you include work in any of your sermons.