Overcoming the Challenges of Working Women (Devotional)

Devotional / Produced by TOW Project
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If you are a woman in the workplace, you may be wrestling with a number of challenges, from finding your voice as a leader and dealing with workplace discrimination, to managing parenthood and establishing a healthy rhythm of work and rest. What biblical wisdom can women draw from to meet today’s workplace challenges?

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In Proverbs 31, Lady Wisdom (who appears at the beginning of Proverbs (1:20-33)), appears in street clothes as a “valiant woman (DRA).” The text focuses on her work as an entrepreneur with a cottage industry and workers to manage. She is the wise manager of diverse enterprises ranging from weaving and wine-making to trading...

To some people in biblical times, portraying a woman as a model of entrepreneurship would have been surprising. Even though God gave the gift of work to men and women equally, women’s work has often been denigrated and working women have been treated with less respect than men. The “valiant woman” functions as an affirmation of the dignity of every person’s work.

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