A Biblical Perspective on Work Used By

"The Theology of Work Project is providing desperately needed resources to pastors and the entire church on what the Bible has to say about our work."

–Tim Keller

"The Bible is full of business lessons and leadership principles that are often missed. The TOW Commentary is a practical guide to incorporating those lessons daily. "

–Gloria Nelund

"This series is a magnificent contribution to one of the most neglected themes in Christian ethics."

–Andy Crouch

"Whether you're a barista, mechanic, policy-maker, or aid worker, the TOW Bible Commentary is a tool you will want to have as you navigate the work God has given you."

–Travis Vaughn

"This unique commentary offers a comprehensive survey of an important biblical theme...it is an invaluable resource for pastors and business professionals alike."

–Ravi Zacharias

TOW Bible Commentary

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