small group studies

What would your job be like if everyone walked in with the desire to apply God's teachings to their work? How would your business or industry be transformed? Perhaps the more important question is: how can you make that happen?

People value their daily work more when they see the importance of that work reflected back at them.  The curriculum on this page aims to do just that, by reflecting the value of work in the Bible, and by valuing each individual member of a small group bible study.  Meeting in small groups of between 5 and 50 people to study the bible is a time-honored way of applying biblical truths to real life problems.  Each of the studies on this page serves as a jumping off point for discussions that will transform a participant's view of work, and hopefully whole workplaces and industries as a result.

The Theology of Work Project has field tested each of these small group studies with participating churches. Each study reflects the expert biblical scholarship of TOW, and the programs have been revised based on participant feedback. A church, small group leader, or business person should feel free to download any study and use it immediately. Our hope is that your work and the work of those around you will be infused with new life as a result.