Women and Work in the New Testament (Bible Study Book)

Women and work in the new testament bible study

The seeming insignificance of many of the women mentioned in the New Testament is put to rest in this insightful Bible study about women in the New Testament, which delves into the many examples of those-such as Anna, Joanna, Susanna, Dorcas, Lydia, Priscilla, Phoebe, and Junia-whose stories show the critical roles they played in helping Jesus in his ministry and in the formation of the church. As you read about these women at work two thousand years ago, you'll find that in many cases their issues are still issues for us today. How they handled their work life may help us manage ours in ways that bring honor to God and joy to us in the midst of our work.

This Bible study is part of The Bible and Your Work Study Series. Each book contains Scripture references, thought-provoking questions, and prayers to help you explore what the Bible says about work and apply it to your life in positive, practical ways. The lessons in each chapter are designed for thirty-minute lunch breaks, although they can be used in other formats as well.