Building Bridges Across Faiths At Work, with Sue Warnke and Mimi Chan (Video)

Video / Produced by TOW Project and Partners

Sue Warnke (Salesforce, Faithforce) and Mimi Chan (Amazon, Christians at Amazon) discuss how Christians can build rich relationships with people of different faiths at work. If you work in a multi-faith workplace, learn how to:

  • be visible about your faith and respectful of other faiths
  • contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion at work
  • love your diverse "neighbors" at work

Recorded September 24, 2022

Sue Warnke

Sue Warnke has over 20 years of experience in the software industry and is currently the Senior Director of Content Experience at Salesforce. After a lifetime as an agnostic, Sue began to follow Jesus 5 years ago. Since then she helped start Faithforce, Salesforce's faith-based employee resource group, and has sparked a movement of authentic faith in the workplace. She speaks around the country about the integration of faith at work and shares best practices in her blog,

Mimi Chan

Mimi found her passion creating award winning marketing programs at Fortune 500 companies for the last 20 years. She studied at Stanford University and currently heads Seasonal Events at Amazon Books. Mimi co-founded Christians at Amazon in 2019, growing it from a 10-person weekly prayer meeting to a community of over 1,000 employees and 12 chapters. She is on the advisory board of Faith & Work Movement, a non-profit organization which equips a worldwide network of individuals, fellowships, and employee resource groups to positively impact the companies they work for. She volunteers her time to help organize events and training with Pray for Tech and Love at Work.

Event organized by Called to Work, GoLiveServe, and Theology of Work Project.