Baptism of the Lord Year C

Servant at Work (Isaiah 40ff.)
Bible Commentary

Isaiah paints a picture of the values that must characterize the people of God.

Best of Daily Reflections: God’s Presence in Hard Times
Daily Reflection

The prophecies of Isaiah testify to the “deep waters” and “fires” of Israel’s experience. Because of her...

Basement Stairs and Dark Corners

The basement was dark, damp, musty—a forbidding place where my mother kept our canned fruits and vegetables. As a...

Worship the Lord in the Splendor of His Holiness
Daily Reflection

Psalm 29:2 summons us to “worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness.” How do we do this? What does this...

The Peace of the Lord Be With You
Daily Reflection

In many churches today, there is a time in the worship service for the Passing of the Peace. The person leading worship...

Work and Christian Identity (Acts 8-12)
Bible Commentary

The next section of Acts moves the Christian community, by the power of the Spirit, across cultural barriers as the...

The Kingdom of God Shows Up at Work (Luke 1-5)
Bible Commentary

The Kingdom of God shows up at work in the Christmas story and beyond in the book of Luke.