Discuss Work in Common Occupations

Christian Engineers Discuss Their Work (Video)

A biblical basis for engineering from Hebrews. Plus: engineers talk about the intersection of faith and...

Christians in the Crafts and Trades Discuss Their Work (Video)

Christians working in the crafts and trades talk about their faith and work. Background from Mark 6:3.

Christian Artists Discuss Their Work (Video)

Professional artists discuss their inspiration. Plus: a case for the value of art from Matthew 6:25-33. 

Christian Managers Discuss Their Work (Video)

Professional managers talk about good vs bad management, and the story of the dishonest manager in Luke 16:1-9.

Christians in Finance Discuss Their Work (Video)

Professionals in finance discuss ethics in their industry. Background from Matthew 25:14-28.

Christians in Education Discuss Their Work (Video)

Professional educators talk about shepherding their students. Plus: an exemplary model of teaching from Luke 24.

Christians in Food Services Discuss Their Work (Video)

Christians on serving for real in the food services industry. Plus an overview of hospitality in Luke's gospel.

Professional Counselors Discuss Their Work (Video)

Mental health has been a Christian profession since Mark 5:1-17. Professional counselors discuss their work and faith.

Christians in Healthcare Discuss Their Work (Video)

"I don't know how someone does this job without faith!" Plus: a biblical basis for the healthcare industry from...

Christian Lawyers Discuss Their Work (Video)

Christian lawyers are on the forefront of a spiritual battle. Plus: analysis of Luke 10:25-29

Resources for Christian Investors

A collection of resources for Christians working as investors.