Easter V Year C

Work and Christian Identity (Acts 8-12)
Bible Commentary

The next section of Acts moves the Christian community, by the power of the Spirit, across cultural barriers as the...

Psalm 148
Bible Commentary

Unlike Psalms 146, 147, and 149, Psalms 148 and 150 do not depict God at work, but skip directly to our response of...

An Expansive Call to Worship
Daily Reflection

As a pastor for more than twenty years, I have "called people to worship" dozens, if not hundreds, of times. As the...

Babylon and the New Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Cities (Revelation 17-22)
Bible Commentary

A city that renounces God is condemned, but paradise bustles with meaningful work.

Called to Love: The Tricky Part of Love (John 13 Sermon Notes)
Sermon Notes

John 13:31-35When Judas had gone out, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man has been glorified, and God has been glorified...