Include Work in Your Preaching

Sample Sermons to Introduce Faith and Work

Sermon notes from a wide variety of preachers give you ideas on how to introduce your church to faith and work.

Use the TOW Bible Commentary To Include Work Whenever You Preach

Whatever passage of Scripture or topic you're preaching on, TOW's Bible Commentary shows you its workplace implications.

Why You Should Include Work in Your Preaching

Pastors who include work in preaching help people connect the Bible to their life Monday through Friday.

Introduce Your Church to Faith at Work with Popular Bible Passages

Not sure where to start? Pastors often use these go-to passages to begin to talk to their congregations about work.

I Want My Pastor to Talk About My Work (Video)

In this video former Boeing executive Al Erisman shares what he would have liked to hear from his pastor when he was...

Lectionary Year B

TOW Bible Commentary resources and sermon notes from The High Calling arranged according to the Revised Common...