Proper 23(28) Year C

Bless Wider Society Through Your Work (Jeremiah 29)
Bible Commentary

In Jeremiah chapter 29, the prophet draws attention to God’s intention that his people's work should bless and serve...

We Are to Change the Organizations and Structures of Society

Christians are called to work not only at the small enterprise and person-to-person level in seeking to alleviate...

Work for the Peace and Prosperity of the City
Daily Reflection

Though we may have little opportunity to impact major structures of our society, we can touch our neighbors and...

A Future and a Hope
Daily Reflection

Because, for centuries, the Jews had consistently disobeyed the Lord, worshiping idols and rejecting justice, he finally...

Come and See!
Daily Reflection

Psalm 66 celebrates God’s glory as it is revealed in his mighty works. This celebration is meant, not just for Jews,...

Come and Listen!
Daily Reflection

In Psalm 66, an anonymous poet celebrates God’s awesome deeds. His example of testifying to what God has done serves...

Elisha’s Restoration of a Military Commander’s Health (2 Kings 5:1-14)
Bible Commentary

When Elisha cures the leprosy of Naaman, a commander in the army of Israel’s enemy, Syria, it has important...

The Sacrament of Wonder
Daily Reflection

I’ve always loved butterflies. During difficult life seasons, God has used them—and their inherent symbolism of...

The Foundation of Wisdom
Daily Reflection


Best of Daily Reflections: Why Is It Good to Fear God?
Daily Reflection

If you don’t have fear, you can’t have wisdom. It is that simple.

Guard the Tongue (2 Timothy 2:14–26)
Bible Commentary

In the next section, Paul counsels Timothy with a number of ex­hortations that could directly apply to the workplace....