Resources for Courses on The Theology of Work and Vocation

Historical Developments in Vocation and the Theology of Work
Academic Paper

A deep dive into the history of vocation and work in Church thinking.

Thinkers on Vocation and Theology of Work in The Last Fifty Years
Academic Paper

Modern philosophers have added to our understanding of calling and vocation.

A Condensed Overview of What The Bible Says About Work

9 key points that give a sense of the overall picture of work in the Bible.

How to Read the Bible with Workplace Eyes

All parts of the Bible can relate to life's work, if you have eyes primed to see it.

Calling & Vocation: Overview

Explore what the Bible says about God's calling and your work.

Vocation & TOW Curricular Workshops: Insights
Seminary Curriculum

This is the latest in a series of articles sharing insights from a joint curricular development initiative of the ON,...