Thanksgiving Day Year C

Statutes and Ordinances (Deuteronomy 4:44-28:68)
Bible Commentary

In the second part of his second speech, Moses describes in detail the “statutes and ordinances” that God charges...

Shout to the Lord?!
Daily Reflection

I can still remember Mrs. Merrill calling the first-graders to worship in the Sunday School of Hollywood Presbyterian...

You Belong to God
Daily Reflection

Know that the LORD is God—he made us; we belong to him. We are his people, the sheep of his own...

Six Days Shall You Worship

Where do you worship?  When I ask Christian businesspeople that question, I always get the same answer—the church...

Resolving Conflict (Philippians 4:2–9)
Bible Commentary

Although our instinctive reflex is to suppress and deny conflict, in this passage, Paul lovingly brings conflict into...

Jesus the Bread of Life (John 6)
Bible Commentary

John’s telling of the feeding of the five thousand (John 6:1-15) echoes many of the themes we saw in the wedding feast...

Best of Daily Reflections: The Bread of Life
Daily Reflection

“What they are missing, really, is a living relationship with God.”

Your Job Can Be Sacred

The English writer, Dorothy Sayers, made an interesting comment about Jesus’s carpentry: ...