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The Making It Work Podcast is Here!

Making It Work invites God into work’s biggest challenges so that you can live out your purpose in the...

Best of Daily Reflections: If You Have a Calling, Then You Have a Caller
Daily Reflection

We don't hear the language of calling very often in common speech anymore. 

Can You Do This Job to the Glory of God?

We can ask of every kind of work we doing, "Am I loving and serving my neighbor, or am I exploiting and tempting him?"

Don’t Worry, Be Thankful: Eucharisteo with Ann Voskamp

A frank conversation about faith, work, and culture with Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts.

Living a Kairos Life in a Chronos World

Everything we do is marked by the steady march of time. Seconds lead to minutes to hours to days to weeks to years to...

Best of Daily Reflections: Enjoy Today’s Work
Daily Reflection

It's really easy for me to wait for the next big thing. 

Best of Daily Reflections: Always Aware of God’s Unfailing Love
Daily Reflection

In Psalm 26, David defends his integrity before God. It’s likely that he composed this poem in response to an attack...