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What I Learned About Work From Dad: June 13 Newsletter

Some of us have happy memories of good fathers who taught us lessons about work. Others may have had to learn those...

Best of Daily Reflections: Patience in Suffering
Daily Reflection

When I think of suffering, I often think of Job. 

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My Work is Done Here: June 6 Newsletter

We are designed to work just like we are designed to rest. Even if our days of paid employment are over, that rhythm...

“Daddy, Stay Home and Play”

I pulled the tie to my neck. It was cinched just like my dad had taught me. He called it the four-in-hand. I just called...

Monday Nights With Dad

When I was growing up, I loved Monday nights. Those were our nights alone with Dad....

Thermostat or Thermometer

Michael Whitehurst likes to challenge his buddies to be accountable. Sometimes he uses metaphor.