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The Invisible Burden of Being a Black Woman in the Workplace - Austin Channing Brown (Podcast Ep.2)

Guest Austin Channing Brown talks about faith, work and the invisible burden of being a black woman in the workplace.

Best of Daily Reflections: If You Have a Calling, Then You Have a Caller
Daily Reflection

We don't hear the language of calling very often in common speech anymore. 

God’s Grammar for the New Year

Somebody—probably a preacher—has said, "Don't put a period where God only puts a comma." ...

Can You Do This Job to the Glory of God?

We can ask of every kind of work we doing, "Am I loving and serving my neighbor, or am I exploiting and tempting him?"

Don’t Worry, Be Thankful: Eucharisteo with Ann Voskamp

A frank conversation about faith, work, and culture with Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts.

Living a Kairos Life in a Chronos World

Everything we do is marked by the steady march of time. Seconds lead to minutes to hours to days to weeks to years to...