A Prayer of Thanksgiving for Work (Prayer)

Devotional / Produced by partner of TOW

We give because you first gave to us.

Giving God, just as we love because you first loved us, we give because you first gave to us.

Out of gratitude we bring gifts of money to be used for your kingdom work. With these gifts we also pledge to you our whole selves.

We give you our bodies as living temples; may we be your hands and feet. We give you our minds; may our thoughts support others and glorify you. We give you our time; may our presence encourage others.

We give you our relationships; may our interactions be a light to the world.

We give you our work; may we always strive to do our best and help others do theirs. We give you our play; may our leisure bring joy to many.

We give you our hopes and our dreams; may our goals reflect your mission.

Use these gifts, great God, through the power of your Holy Spirit. Amen.