Course Modules in NT - More Ideas for Assignments on Work

Seminary Curriculum / Produced by TOW Project
New testament 2

Here are more sample assignments to help inspire fresh thinking about how to incorporate a concern for vocation, flourishing and economic justice in a seminary course on New Testament.

Rewrite an Epistle as an Office Memo

Ask students to pick one New Testament letter and highlight its applications for the modern Christian worker, then re-write the letter as a one-page office memo. Some suggested ideas for getting started can be found here.

Vocation-Themed Bible Study

Ask students to prepare a lesson plan for teaching a Bible study that is

  1. based on a specific passage dealing with work, vocation and/or economics (the list in the preaching segment) or
  2. based on themes of work, vocation and/or economics throughout an entire book of the Bible.

Greek Word Study

Have students do an exegetical word study on one of the following words in New Testament Greek related to work, economics, and vocation:

  • ἔργον / ἐργάτης
  • ἐνεργέω
  • τέχνη / τεχνίτης
  • κλῆσις / καλέω
  • οἰκονομία / οἰκονόμος
  • πωλέω
  • προσκαλέω
  • λατρεύω
  • διάκονος

What does Acts Say about Work?

Ask students to look at the book of Acts in whole or in part.

  • Where is work mentioned in the book or excerpt?
  • What kind of work is praised? Why?
  • Are any kinds of work condemned? Why?
  • What implications do the answers of these questions have for contemporary discussions about work?

(Again, the TOW Project discussion may be helpful.)