A Hymn of Work: God of Offices and Kitchens

Devotional / Produced by partner of TOW
Office kitchen

This is an Australian hymn modified by Colin Wood.
For best results, use the tune of “What a friend we have in Jesus.”

God of offices and kitchens

Lecture halls and factory floor,

God of internet, computers,

T.V. screens and so much more.

You are always here around us

Even when we do not know.

Help us realize your presence

That our Spirit life may grow.

Ploughing, seeding, patient waiting

For the harvest of the soil;

Typing, phoning and collating

You are with us in our toil.

In the workshop, store and office,

Classroom, kitchen, garden, too,

Help us see your gift and glory,

Serve you well in all we do.

Scattered in our congregations

Yet one body called to be;

Reaching out to fellow Christians,

Serving the community.

Thanks to you for love that binds us;

For the strength to do your will.

Father keep us true and faithful;

May we love and serve you still.