How to Discover What the Bible Says About Your Kind of Work

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How does your specific kind of work (or sector) fit into God’s story? How can the truth of the gospel inform your daily work today in light of the coming kingdom of God? As you explore these questions, it may be helpful to think about your kind or sector of work both broadly (e.g., education) and narrowly (e.g., teacher of 8- and 9-year-olds in a public/state school in a medium-sized city).

As you seek to bring your work into conformity with God’s will and reflect kingdom realities even now, use the following template to think through the various aspects of God’s intention for your specific work might prove helpful.

Creating and Sustaining: How do the kinds of work you do fit into God’s original intent for creation and the cultural mandate in Genesis 1:28?

Dealing with the Fall: How is your kind of work affected by the Fall?

Redeeming and Restoring: How is your kind of work being redeemed and how is it restoring the goodness of God’s creation in the world today?

Anticipating Christ’s Return: What will your kind of work look like in the full reign of Christ in the New Heavens and New Earth? How does your kind of work extend the kingdom of God on earth?