Intellectual Jobs in Poor Countries Give Workers New Hope (Video)

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The biggest impact of Vietnam’s first R&D team was to bring hope to intellectual workers throughout the country that they could live on their skills. Christy Trang Le, CFO & COO of Misfit Wearables, explains.


Misfit is unique because it is a silicon valley tech company with the first R&D team out of Vietnam.

What people usually knew about Vietnam was our agricultural products – about rice, about coffee – and then later on if they knew something about our software engineers they thought of outsourcing companies. With Misfit we were probably the first in town who believed in the capability of the people here to do R&D work –real R&D work to create new products and to deliver the products that they believe in.

The team of people were hungry to learn and to grow. We were blessed with continuous success, so by the time we took the exit it had been a crazy fun ride. All of us learned. And we learned from doing things that we were not yet qualified for.

I think the biggest impact of Misfit, especially in Vietnam, is providing hope for a group of intellectual people who believe that they can actually live on intellectual work. Before we had Misfit, most people who were educated oversees and who were returning to the country had very little choices. Especially those in science subjects. The only destination that they usually have is being a professor at university, and most of the time they do not have opportunities to do research - teaching is probably the only thing that they do at university, and usually the compensation is very low. Sometimes it’s not even sufficient to support the family. The story of Misfit has brought about hope for us – those who believe in the hard work of science, in intellectual work – that at one point we can actually live on the compensation and the return from the businesses we build that grow over time.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Bible Commentary article God Leads Individuals to Provide Economic Opportunities for the Poor and Vulnerable (Ruth 2:17-23).