John Greenhill: Businesses That Stand Out Do Good Even When It Costs Them (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

John Greenhill, Managing Principal at Dayspring Technologies, commits to doing the right thing in business and depending on God even when there’s a cost.


I’m all for businesses that can be more successful by whatever their measure is by also doing the right thing. But I’m particularly interested in those businesses that do the right thing even when it costs them.

For us, we’re going to do the right thing even when it costs us. We’re going to depend on God to work it out. Because he wants it to keep going and he wants this particular expression, this particular testimony, this small insignificant business in a backwater corner of San Francisco to actually keep meeting this group of nameless individuals who will never be in books or be on stages or whatever.

We’re content living out this expression of the gospel and feel like that’s enough.

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