RESET: Women, Work, & Calling, October 21, 2023

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No one escaped the intensity and upheaval of the pandemic. As we continue to navigate the complexities around balancing work, family, faith, and life, many of us wonder whether a change is in order. How can we use this season as an opportunity to ask deep questions, to renew our callings, and to identify changes we want to make to fully and confidently share our gifts with the world?

There’s no better time for a RESET.

Join Denver Institute for Faith & Work on Saturday, October 23rd for Women, Work, & Calling 2021, an in-person and online event empowering women to love God and serve others through our daily work.

Through keynote speakers, panel discussions, and practical application we’ll explore four themes:

Celebrating the role YOU play in God’s mission — Women are vital players in God’s redemptive plan, but it can be difficult to translate this vision to modern life: How can we find role models when faith communities rarely acknowledge the contributions of women to the marketplace or culture? How can we move beyond conversations about work-life balance to pursue a more integrated approach to living our callings? Women, Work, & Calling offers a biblically based vision for work as well as stories of women navigating the complexities of their diverse gifts and roles.

Leading with authenticity and intentionality — Research shows that many women struggle to find their voice in professional settings. Will you be perceived as competent or indecisive, aggressive or likeable? We’ll examine factors that keep us from leading from our natural giftedness and offer tools to work from a foundation of spiritual and emotional health.

Discovering the power of relational networks — Building a community of like-minded women is critical, not only to our own growth, but to accelerate God’s work in our world. Then why do so many women struggle to build meaningful connections at work and in their communities? We’ll dig deep to understand our own resistance and develop strategies to become women who encourage and empower others.

Mastering your craft — Are you eager to learn from Christian women leading at a high level? We’ve gathered executives, innovators, and creatives to equip us for greater effectiveness and Christ-like service in our areas of influence. Through their insight and experience we’ll gain a clearer picture of ways we can bring God’s goodness, beauty, truth, and justice to our world.

Speakers include Denise Daniels (Theology of Work Project board member)

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