Simple Service of Ordination to Daily Work (Prayer)

Devotional / Produced by partner of TOW

From: Elizabeth O’Connor, Call to Commitment: The Story of the Church of the Savior, Washington D.C. (New York: Harper and Row, 1963), 105-106.

Simple Service of Ordination

Minister to Participant:

Your work and your worship are intimately interwoven. In fact, they are not separate at all: Your work grows out of your worship and your worship grows out of your work. _________, do you come today to acknowledge that the place where you work is as holy as the place where you worship?


I do (kneels and speaks as follows, or in words of their own): Enabled by Christ’s love for me, I shall endeavor to make each day’s work a sacrament. I pray that my work will be cleansed of all spiritual or material selfishness, of all impatience or criticism, of all secret desire for consolation, recognition or reward. Turn, O God, my seeing into loving, that I may witness to the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for all people. In His name I make my prayer. Amen.