Transparency is a Successful Strategy for Christian-Run Luxury Leather Brand (Video)

Video / Produced by partner of TOW

Saddleback Leather attracts loyal followers because of the openness of its owners.


Suzette Munson: We have really loyal people. It’s crazy how loyal they are. First of all, they love the story. My husband has an amazing story about how he first started this company and where it is today. And people relate. We’re very open with our lives. We purposefully do that because we want to be approachable. I also think that when people are connected through face-to-face and through social media or video, that allows them to see who you really are and they make their judgement very quickly. I think these people who are extremely loyal to us, they get us. They really get us and they want to be on board with 1) we want to have fun, 2) we want to carry a cool high quality bag, and 3) we like doing good too - we want to be a part of this thing!

Dave Munson: In the industry, we’ve been compared to Apple a lot - kind of cultish – like a good cult.

On the website we put a list of our competitors. We have a lot of competitors – more now than ever before. We put a list of really high-quality companies and links to their site. We say: go check them out. Go look at the competition. I think you’ll like us. So they go out and look. They come back and go: Just what I thought.

We don’t sell in stores. We’ve had thousands of people ask us, saying “Our boutique is really unique. We fit Saddleback. Could you please sell your stuff in our stores? Can you wholesale to us?” I don’t believe that we would be able to keep up the quality if we did that. But also there’s an exclusivity. I don’t want to be a household name, but rather a loved name in a few households. So when you don’t sell everywhere and not everyone has one it’s even more special.

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This video serves as an illustration to the TOW Bible Commentary Transparency Revisited (2 Corinthians 6:11).