Christmas II Year C

The Goodness of Work Restored (Jeremiah 30-33)
Bible Commentary

For twenty-three years, Jeremiah prophesied the coming destruction of Jerusalem (from God’s case against Judah in...

The End of Jeremiah’s Messages
Daily Reflection

Although the book of Jeremiah includes a fifty-second chapter, the prophet’s messages come to an end in chapter fifty...

Psalm 147
Bible Commentary

God gathers the outcasts (Ps. 147:2), as do Sisters of Charity, teachers in prisons, and community organizers. He heals...

Redefining Work by Tim Keller (Video)

Tim Keller lays out a theology of vocation. What was God's original intent for our work? How does everyday work fit in...

God’s Grand Plan: A Theological Vision (Ephesians 1:1–3:21)
Bible Commentary

God's restoring work involves human beings both as recipients of grace and as participants in the work.

Paul’s Eulogy
Daily Reflection

I know what you may be thinking. That doesn't sound like a eulogy. I have called this reflection "Paul's Eulogy," but...

In the Beginning Was the Word (John 1:1-18)
Bible Commentary

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning....