Further Study Resources for Scholars

How Seminaries Can Prepare Church Leaders to Serve Workplace Christians (Video)

A WebEx presentation for seminary faculty with free online resource to help teach students about workplace integration.

A Bible Scholar’s Perspective on Reading the Bible with Workplace Eyes

Sean McDonough, Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, gives a Biblical Scholar's...

Recommended Books and Bibliographies About the Theology of Work

Learn more about faith and work from these resources: from introductary books to bibliographies for advanced study.

What Does Church Have to Do With Work? Some Recent Research Results

Research by Ecklund, Daniels, and Schneider provides insight into how Christians relate their faith to work and how the...

Thesis on Vocation, the Theology of Work and the Pastoral Implications
Academic Paper

Alistair Mackenzie's thesis Faith at Work explores the pastoral implications of vocation and work theology.

Faith and Work: From Jesus to the Reformation
Academic Paper

Alistair Mackenzie explains how early Christians wrestled with contrasting views of work.

Faith and Work: From the Puritans to the Present
Academic Paper

Alistair Mackenzie traces conceptions of daily work from post-Reformation to today.

Seminaries Teaching Theology of Work
Academic Paper

A condensed look at theology of work in seminary education by Alistair Mackenzie.

Does Going to Church Influence Our Business Ethics?

According to research, churchgoing affects people's decisions about ethics, work, and economics.

The Future for ‘Faith at Work’: A New Zealand Perspective
Academic Paper

Alistair Mackenzie reports on the Faith and Work movement in New Zealand: where it's come from and where it's...