The Amazing Yellow-Cab Man

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So here's the thing: I've always hated hearing about the magical, mysterious, Power of Positive Thinking. Ever since Norman Vincent Peale wrote "The Power of Positive Thinking," religion in America seems to be steering itself away from depth and toward the shallow waters of self-help books. "The Secret," avowed recently by Oprah Winfrey, is nothing but warmed over Peale. And yet.... There's always a "yet," right? Of course right. And yet, positive thinking, like most philosophies, has at its core a kernel of truth. Because here's the deal: As it turns out, what you expect will happen to you often does. This stuff isn't magic; you can't make everything in your life turn out well by thinking positively. But even psychologists talk about self-fulfilling prophecies.

So I read this story about a cab driver who decided that he was going to be the one to choose how to look at his life and how to think about his daily work. The result is...well...kind of magical. Hats off to Jim Lange for pointing us to this guy. CLICK HERE to read.