Not Like the Others

Audio / Produced by The High Calling


At Kent’s new job, he was warned that Dave "didn’t fit in." And it was true. Dave wasn’t into sports, like the others. Or into cars, like the others. And, unlike "the others," Dave didn’t socialize after work.

But Kent got to know Dave and thought, "This guy is competent, friendly, interesting.... He’s just not like the others."

This is Howard Butt, Jr., of Laity Lodge. In Corinthians, Paul points out that God makes no two people alike. Imagine! In Christ, Paul says, each person has a unique function or role. Now, there’s a truth you can take to work! Think about the people in your day, and consider why you’re glad that each of them is not "like the others" ... in the high calling of our daily work.

But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be.
1 Cor. 12:18 NIV