The Big Three for Working Christian Women

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Diane Paddison, author of the book Work, Love, Pray: Practical Wisdom for Young Professional Christian Women has tapped into a real need in the modern church. Mindy Hirst at the Acton Blog, interviews Paddison, where she talks about the Big Three–family, faith and career.

There’s been a cultural shift in the workforce. According to Paddison, more than 70 percent of women with children are working. And 40 percent of women make more than their husbands. Quite frankly, our mothers didn’t have the same experience, and so the role models simply aren’t there for women.

“Women have unique opportunities in today’s world to contribute to culture in ways they have not been free to in the past,” Paddison writes. “But many of them do not have strong examples of how to find balance among multiple values.”

Work, Love, Pray and Diane's blog is an attempt to fill that gap. Read the Acton interview with Diane here.

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