Do Truck Drivers Matter to God?

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In an article for The Gospel Coaltion, High Calling community member Paul Rude recounts an interview he heard on a Christian talk show, in which a "superstar" Christian and the host seemed to deride the occupation of truck drivers. The two Christians seemed to think that an associate pastor was a much higher calling.

There are over 3 million truck drivers in the United States, according to Rude. He thought, What would they think about the interview? How would they feel if they heard folks laughing at their job?

Says Rude, "Many people mistakenly believe God only values ministry work, because it deals with eternal souls. In their minds, ministry is the only work that counts for eternity. They assume God places little, if any, lasting value on work that deals with the temporal things of everyday life."

The truth is that any job—from anchorman to artist, truck driver to teacher—can be a high calling. God is writing the world's story, and we are all his instruments.
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Image by Bill Vriesema. Used by permission.