Finding Grace at Work

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Let's call them moments of grace - moments of unexpected blessing. We've all had them. Your car runs out of gas just as you pull into the station. You leave your wallet behind at a restaurant and a stranger calls you and brings it to your house. You're broken down on the side of the road without your phone, not sure what to do, and a stranger stops. You forgot your key to the church, but someone left the back door open. (That last one is mine. It's happened to me at least 10 times.)

You make a mistake and someone forgives you and even encourages you.

Grace. Christianity is built on it. What we've received from Christ is not something we deserve, but something we can only receive and be thankful for.

It's an amazing thing when someone models grace with their life. And when it happens in the workplace, it can feel almost miraculous. Check out this recent story from "Preparation for Eternity." It warmed my heart.
------------------------Real Live Preacher

Karen was very upset at herself for the mistake that she had made. She felt that this mistake could cost her her job. We tried all day to get a few moments with our boss to let him know. We left phone messages, e-mail and tried to schedule time through his personal assistant. In the late afternoon, he left the building. I was convinced that we shouldn't let this news lie until the next day. I went down to Karen's office and called our boss on my cell phone. He picked up, I put the phone on speaker and Karen shared the news with him....Read the rest of the story.

Preparation 4 Eternity