I Eat with My Eyes

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I drive with the windows down and the air conditioning on. The sun burns through the windshield but it is not enough to be cool--I must let the breeze ripple my hair, feel the wildness of strands licking face. I have the music loud-- it fills the air around me, drifts out and spills onto the road I leave behind. I remember this—this wild abandon. Running away from home. A windblown reckless feeling. Music soothing raw emotions. But this is different. A happy running away. A running to.
this gray ribbon
wraps around
me; cradles me
close in her
bands of tangles
and bows. powder
blue heads of
chicory stand erect—
intertwined with
lacy faces of queen
Anne--sentinels of this
highway. a lonely
cow peers through
doleful eyes, lows
softly in my wake.
I drive on.
When I drive, the places I pass become mythical memories…vibrant colors, quaint villages, loquacious livestock. My imagination soars. Julia Cameron understands.
I am very aware that the art of writing devours images and that if I am going to write deeply, frequently, and well, I must keep my inner pond of images very well stocked. When I want to restock my images, I get behind the wheel of my car.
My everyday images lose their luster in the ho-hum drudgery of life. Sometimes beauty can be better seen from a few paces back…or through an open window, driving by. Loping hills and grassy meadows stir my appetite for words. Rich sunsets create a poetry all their own.
…As a writer, I eat with my eyes, and that sumptuous sunset sated my appetite. Today I am hungry to write.
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