Les Miserables

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New York lawyer A. Anjeanette Brown has confessed that her job feels miserable. It tears at her soul. In a painfully honest blog post she confesses that while the dream of making a real difference in the world still lives in her heart, the answer for how she will survive her reality escapes her still. Take a look at what she has to say. Maybe leave her an encouraging comment. So many people are in the same situation.

I find myself engaged in, what one writer has astutely called, a miserable job. I work as an attorney, which is a very specialized line of work these days, like medicine... As I listen daily to liberal embellishments (including those of fellow attorneys), as I file motions and serve demands to gain leverage to settle cases for less money than that demanded, as I rush early from home, fight the rush hour commute, and arrive at the courthouse only to spend hours sitting and reading while awaiting the transaction of routine court business, I am mindful of how little it all matters, and how small this practice makes me feel...READ MORE