Mission: The Work of the Artist and the Dreamer

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Hostile countries rattle their nuclear chains; super-storms rage on the coasts, overseas, and in the Midwest. World economies collapse, and prophets cry, "The end is near!" So what are mission-minded Christians to do? Should we stock up on canned goods and water, pull in the ranks, and create bubbles of self-sufficient survivalists?

Not at all, says R. York Moore. In a featured excerpt from his book Making All Things New (IVP) at Q Ideas, Moore takes the picture of his artist father's sculpting and applies it to our current realities: "This image of the willful, determined artist may not be too far from the beautiful biblical image of divine mission. God is on mission to resculpt our world, to recreate out of the fallen chunks a new world. The sculpture of God’s first creation lies in ruins; shards of clay litter the floor below where beauty and transcendence once stood. Our world is not the world God intends, so we engage in mission."

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